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An architect is your go to professional to design building construction plans which form the primary step of constructing a building.

Everything is planned and visualised by the architect which serve as guidelines to the builders. They also ensures the safety of the building and designs according to the functionalities and purpose.

Architects create drafts, plans and blueprints of the construction plan. This is submitted to various local authorities and building regulations bodies in order to obtain approval.

© Lees Architects | Actual Design
© Lees Architects| Actual Design

Architects not only sketch drawings, they also create miniature cardboard or plastic models to help their clients visualise the final building plan.

These architects choose to use illustrating software on computers to provide more accurate planning. A good architect employs both imagination and pragmatism in his drawings. Architects have different styles and preferences which make them unique.

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Lees Architects is a premier architect firm providing architectural services in St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Barnet, North London, Enfield, and Surrounding areas. Contact us for a free consultation.

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