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Construction Drawings

Construction drawings represent the plans and elevations of a proposed building. It is one of the fundamental steps to creating an architectural plan.

Lees Architects vast knowledge of construction ensures a robust construction compliant with current building regulations to NHBC standard.

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They are of various kinds. They can be classified into

  1.  Site Plans
  2. Electrical Drawings
  3. Plumbing Drawings
  4. Finishing Drawings

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Construction Drawings

These drawings are primarily two-dimensional structural plans. They represent various vital information required for the construction.

Construction Drawings
Finished to Perfection

The quality of such construction drawings is crucial for the perfect execution of the prospective architecture. There has to be proper coordination among the different pieces of information in the structural sketches.

The presentation has to be made immaculately for better understanding of the concerned persons. The drawings must represent the components approved by the Buildings Regulations Act, such as proper drainage and sanitary facilities, safety structures of electrical or plumbing constituents.

Lees Architecture helps to provide well-planned, immaculate construction drawings in St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Barnet and many other major regions in North London.

Construction Drawing by ARB member Architect
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