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Extension Design St Albans

Getting a home extension is a smarter choice when you are looking for some home design improvement or adding more space to your existing house. It is also a more convenient, economical solution to getting a bigger home, rather than moving into a new house. Moving houses require large costs, insurance, agent cost, legal fees and other documents. It is much more of a hassle than customizing your own home.

Extension Design by Lees Architects

In order to get an extension done, you have to consider a few options. Firstly, you must have legal permission and comply with all building regulations before proceeding with an extension. You must also ensure that the soil conditions, condition of your house walls, surroundings are fine enough to go ahead with the home extension.

Extension Design CGI by Lees Architects
Architect St Albans

Lees Architects aims to design economical and intelligent Home Extension design for all kinds of individual preferences. Based in North London, Lees Architects provides different architectural services to St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Barnet and other regions.

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