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Planning Application and Planning Permission

Most of our planning applications we make get planning approval first time!

Planning application of a building refers to the permission required by law before one can commence the construction. It is also required for making any changes or extensions that have to be made to the building.

Planning Permission

Planning applications can now be made online and are usually valid for up to three years. In case the construction activities have not begun by then, one may need to re-apply for permission.

Supporting documents such as site plans, completed application forms and the required fee needs to be paid for the planning application to be processed by the local or national building regulations authority.

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Why Choose Lees Architects for your planning application?

Lees Architects is one of the leading names in the field of bespoke and inventive architectural designs. They provide planning application services in St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Barnet and several major cities in London.

From the conception of the idea to the finishing, Lees Architects provides diverse services such as construction drawings, bespoke designs, designs complying to the Building regulations Act, planning application and others.

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