Lees Architects LLP and Roberts 21st Century Design Join Forces in Brookmans Park


In the dynamic world of architecture, every collaboration marks a milestone. Lees Architects LLP is thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration with Roberts 21st Century Design, a prominent contractor in Brookmans Park, North London. This collaboration promises groundbreaking projects that will shape the area’s architectural landscape.

The Meeting of Minds:

Recent meetings set the stage for what promises to be a dynamic and innovative collaboration. The meeting was filled with enthusiasm, creative ideas, and a shared vision for pushing the boundaries of architectural design in Brookmans Park.

Lees Architects LLP has long been known for its commitment to excellence and innovation in architectural design. With a portfolio that spans diverse projects, the firm brings a wealth of experience. The collaboration is a testament to Lees Architects LLP’s dedication to driving creativity and excellence.

Current Projects:

Lees Architects LLP is proud to have four distinct projects in various stages of development in the Brookmans Park area. Each project reflects the firm’s commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function, harmonising with the surrounding environment while pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

As architects, Lees Architects LLP understands the importance of embracing the unique characteristics of each location. The firm’s approach involves a meticulous understanding of the local context, ensuring that each design resonates with the essence of Brookmans Park.

What Sets Lees Architects LLP Apart?

Lees Architects LLP stands out not only for its innovative designs but also for its client-centric approach. The firm prides itself on open communication, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering projects that exceed client expectations. This ethos is at the core of every project, and this dedication has earned Lees Architects LLP a stellar reputation in the architectural community.

Looking Ahead:

The Collaboration adds a new dimension to Lees Architects LLP’s capabilities. Combining both firms’ expertise helps Poise take on new challenges and redefine architectural design possibilities in Brookmans Park.

As the projects progress, the architectural community eagerly anticipates the unveiling of these unique creations. Lees Architects LLP remains committed to pushing boundaries, and the collaboration is a testament to the firm’s forward-thinking approach.


In architecture, collaboration is vital to creating spaces that inspire and endure. Lees Architects LLP’s collaboration with Roberts 21st Century Design is a testament to the firm’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of architectural design in Brookmans Park. As these projects evolve, we eagerly await the transformation of ideas into tangible, awe-inspiring spaces that will shape the architectural legacy of the area for years to come. Please stay tuned for more updates from Lees Architects LLP.

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