Planning applications and Planning Process

Planning Application

Application Success

Most of our applications we make get planning approval first time!

Planning Portal

Applications are made through the planning portal.

Planning Search

All planning submissions are public and can, therefore, be reviewed on the Councils Website.


If the scheme is refused at planning then an ‘Appeal to the Secretary of State’ can be made.

Most of our planning application are approved the first time

Once a design has been completed and the client has ‘signed off’ the scheme, we will format all the documents to make the planning application through the Planning Portal. From there it will take about 2 months to receive a decision (if a householder or Minor full planning application). If the planning authority chooses to recommend the scheme for approval, but there are 5 or more objections for the public, the scheme will go to committee for a decision, where the local committee members review it and acknowledge the written and verbal objections. This generally adds another month to the process.

We always try to get every scheme they propose through planning first time and chase each application at the time of decision or represent a client at committee if necessary. If a scheme is rejected at planning, we also produce the necessary documents to make the planning application to appeal.

Common Questions related to Planning Permission

Who chases the planning application?

Councils will generally not approve a scheme much earlier than the decision date provided. Throughout the application process, we will follow the application to review objections/ provide additional information. Towards the end of the application, we will speak to the planners to see if there is anything that needs to be altered to ensure approval. We try our best to meet the client’s needs whilst ensuring planning approval. All of this is included in the proposed fee.

What are the charges, should the application be rejected?

This will be made clear in the fee quotation however an hourly rate will generally apply to make an appeal or to submit an amended scheme. The appeal application is free and resubmission with an amended scheme is free to the Planning Authority if the scope of works has not materially changed.

How long does an appeal take?

Depended on the type of application, a householder planning application can take approximately 3 months to be decided at appeal however a Full Plans Application can take approximately 6 Months.