New Planning Legislation

New planning legislation

Permitted Development Rights - Prior Approval

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Key Dates

August 31st 2020. September 1st 2020

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New Planning Policy – Permitted Development Rights- Prior Approval

On the first of September 2020, the Government released new permitted development rights which allowed homeowners and developers to significantly alter existing properties. Whether you are a new homeowner who wants to add another two storeys to their house or a developer who wants to add two storeys onto an existing block of flats, subject to meeting the criteria, this can be done!

Lees Architects is currently working with planning consultants to develop schemes which meet this criterion. Contact Lees Architects to discuss this in more detail. Please review the following link to determine if your property meets the basic criteria.

Common Questions on New Planning Legislation

Can I use this legislation on my house?

The legislation is very new so there will be some teething problems, however, if you meet the basic criteria there is a strong chance it will be approved. The councils are likely to find loopholes to reject these schemes, the appeals will set a precedent.

Will my neighbours be consulted?

Yes, this is a prior approval process so when you apply your neighbours will be consulted. If they object, the planning department will decide the scheme based on its merits.

Can I use this legislation in a green belt and a conservation area?

Green belt yes, conservation area no