Feasibility studies for building projects

Building Feasibility Study

Development potential

Determine if the project is financially viable

Planning Compliant

Reviewing the proposed scheme against Local/ National planning authority guidance.

Meeting Clients requirements

Does the project fulfil the client's needs from a space / aesthetical point of view?

Pre Application with the Council

Initial analysis of the scheme with the Councils review for planning analysis.

The Feasibility studies for building projects process description

At Lees Architects, we spend a long time at the beginning of the project with the client to ensure a clear brief is defined to ensure the most successful from the outset.

We will visit the property and client for a free, no-obligation consultation to understand the client’s needs and to express the abilities of Lees Architects to ensure the client feels confident in instructing us. Here we will try to determine a clients space, architectural, sustainability and budget aspirations.

Lees Architects will determine the best procurement method as well for the project depending on the client’s time requirements. We will also share ideas with a client by showing previous projects relevant to the project. Define obligations such as Principal Designer for Health and safety requirements. Once commissioned, Lees Architects will use their vast knowledge of both planning Law and architecture to develop a scheme that is both compliant with the clients brief and provides the most appropriate scheme to meet Planning and other building legislation requirements. We also advise from the outset as to whether any consultants will be required to ensure the smoothest process from conception to completion.

This feasibility study is quite often followed with a Pre-application with the council if deemed necessary to obtain an initial response to the proposal from the Planning Authority. Once this has been received, the developed design can then begin.

Featured building projects. Feasibility studies were done by Lees Architects

Common Questions on feasibility studies for building projects

What planning restrictions are there to my property?

The first things to find out regarding your property/ piece of land is the following:

Is it in Green Belt?
Is it in a Conservation Area?
Is it listed?
Does it benefit from Permitted Development
Is it Article 4 Land

Knowing this information will help us determine the restrictions on the land and what you can potentially do with the property/ piece of land. For example: If it is in Green Belt it is very unlikely that you will be able to get permission for a new house next to your existing.

There is no all-encompassing answer to the built environment in the U.K so a free, no-obligation consultation is suggested for each client to determine the most appropriate route.

How much will it cost to build?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends on each client’s requirement. Architects are not meant to advise on cost of projects as it depends purely on the level of quality required of the project. Advise on cost will be provided when a consultation is carried out.

How long will the process take?

This depends on each project however for an extension project the following generally applies:

– 3 week design time for planning drawings
– 2 month planning period
– 3 week design time for building regulation drawings
– 4-5 week building control/ tender period
– Build commences

What are the fees?

Each project will require a unique fee proposal, dependent on the size, location and complexity of the project. A fee proposal will be given to a client once these needs are established. Advise on fees can also be provided at the initial consultation.